Welcome to Smart Art Hub Studio

Smart Art Hub has been proactively supporting and encouraging young artists in Ahmedabad since 2010.

The vision to fuel the energy of young artists was actualized by Mr. Siddheshwar Kanuga, the director of Smart Graph Art Advertising Pvt. Ltd. The very thought of nurture art and art activities and encourage young artist, became the foundation of Smart Art Hub in 2010.

The primary aim of Smart Art Hub was to bring to light the talent of young artists of Ahmedabad. Their work needed to be brought to the audience in a profoundly new way. The journey began in 2010 with 'The Smart Show'. 24 contemporary artists of Ahmedabad participated in the show and exhibited their work. Following the tremendously positive outcome of the show, 'The Smart Show' transformed into an annual event, exhibiting works of many young artists every year.


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